We have worked with some great clients of all shapes sizes over the years on a range of SEO, organic marketing and growth hacking projects. Here’s what some of these guys have to say about us our work. We would love to help you grow your business too…

Soot is an exceptional Search professional. Ranking in the SERPs for the most competitive keywords on limited budgets speak volumes for his SEO abilities. Soot and his team would make a great addition to any online business.

Mike WebbMike Webb
SportzRush Co-Founder

Sotiris demonstrated a comprehensive and up to date knowledge of SEO. He achieved consistent success in maintaining the UK sites’ ranking across all major SERPS whether for ongoing search terms or to support ABTL campaigns.

Adam TrainisAdam Trainis
Head of Brand at Intertain Group

Soot introduced me to the world of digital marketing so I feel privileged to have learned from the best! As a boss he took time to share his vast SEO knowledge and nurture my strengths. As a client, it’s been great to work with him on his progressive campaigns.

Tomas DuffinTomas Duffin
Owner at Context Content

I worked with Sotiris for over 2 years, there isn’t anything this man does not know about all aspects of SEO. He lives and breaths SEO and I know he will be a success in whatever he moves onto next, I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again as he is a good character and always willing to help and listen.

Terry HollingsheadTerry Hollingshead
Head of Acquisition – E2E Bingo

I had the pleasure of working with Sotiris for about a year. Besides being a very nice guy, he also showed great results in bringing Jackpotjoy.se and affiliated sites to top positions. I would recommend Soot to anyone in need of a skilled, senior SEO expert.

Lars WahlströmLars Wahlström
Head of Nordic Markets at Gamesys

I have worked with Sotiris for over a year. He is by far the most knowledgeable and proficient SEO specialist I have ever met. I recommend him highly to any organisation that wants to significantly improve their Search Engine rankings and levels of profit.

Jason JonesJason Jones
Head of PPC at Gamesys Group

Sotiris knows SEO theory and practice. Worked with many SEOs who promise but deliver nothing. Sotiris delivers in time, to budget and maintains constant development and improvement

David MurphyDavid Murphy
Actively seeking consultancy opportunities

Sotiris is very talented and knowledgeable in his field. He proved dedicated in excelling past the results required of him and was a great pleasure to work with. I hope to have an opportunity do so again in the future.

Paul ArcherPaul Archer
Head of Acquisition at Gaming VC Corp (Sportingbet.com)

Sotiris comes highly recommended with good reason. His vast Online and Search expertise allow him to deliver excellent results, which were seen throughout his tenure…

Greg BaileyGreg Bailey
Proposition Manager, Insurance at Tesco Bank

I tend to regard Sotiris as something of an SEO oracle, someone who lives and breaths digital marketing and is always willing to pass on his expertise. The sheer sprawling breadth of Soot’s knowledge has been hard won over the course of a career at the front-line of the industry and yet, despite being there from pretty much the get go, he clearly retains a level of vim and intellectual curiosity that puts most young SEO’s to shame.

Harry AtkinsHarry Atkins
Co-Founder and Director at A&D Content

Sotiris has an unique knowledge of search, SEO, all techniques of Link building, news syndication, PR online, directories, blog networks & Social Bookmarking to name a few. His expertise makes him an asset online.

Dinis GuardaDinis Guarda
Founder and CEO at Ztudium

No matter how much pressure is put on him, he always gets the work done. Always coming up with crazy new and innovative ideas, ideas which any normal SEO expert would have never even contemplated.

Sotiris hired me knowing i was a complete rookie and transformed me into a professional link building and link strategy development expert in under a year. I have learnt more from Soot than anyone else in my life, i highly value and respect everything he has to teach me, be it about SEO or anythign else.

Unfortunately Soot is no longer my manager as i have moved to a new team in the company, but i will always come back and annoy him when i need an answer as he is usually the only one who has the answer.

Michael CharalambousMichael Charalambous
Digital Marketing Strategist

Soot is a very clued up SEO wiz and knows what it takes to get results without beating around the bush!

James CarsonJames Carson
Founder at Made From Media

Sotiris was a client while I worked at Marketwire. We handled SEO strategy for a number of high profile clients including Vodafone.

Sotiris is a pleasure to work with. A consummate professional with an encyclopaedic knowledge of organic SEO and link strategy, progressive to the point of being considered a thought leader in the niche of link SEO.

James BarkerJames Barker
Senior Account Executive at hybris software

I worked with Sotiris for approximately 2 years. He was ever the professional. His insight and knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation played a key roll in to my own personal development as a web designer, offering new and innovative techniques as to how I could present content in a design driven way. Overall I found Sotiris a key member to the team and family that grew at Greenlight, an intricate cog that has become the SEM machine Greenlight are today. I’m sure he will be missed and am sure that who ever employs him next will benefit in more ways than they will care to admit.

Sam AngeliSam Angeli
Founder / Head of Design at We Draw Pictures

Sotiris is a canny SEO professional who stands out from his competitors. He has a vast amount of experience in the field and has lead the Greenlight team to achieve fantastic results for their large client base. He also happens to be a very likeable chap. I hope to continue working with him in his new role.

Ross HitchenorRoss Hitchenor
Sales Manager at Sysomos Inc.

Whilst I didn’t work in the same team as Sotiris, or Soot as he is more commonly known, as Head of Link Strategy I was always badgering him for advice on improving our client’s rankings. The skill that impressed me most was his uncanny knack of knowing exactly (or as close to *exactly* as you can get with SEO) why websites ranked where they did, and what could be done to boost their rankings. This understanding of knowing what we had to do before we begun was essential in setting our client’s expectations – the key first step in a successful relationship. As Soot was accurate in his predictions much more often than not, it gave the account management and new business sales teams a great feeling of confidence that we were not overselling our ability to perform. This, in the SEO industry, is of great benefit. And of course, once he’d identified what had to be done, he had more than a few tricks up his sleeve for getting us there…!

I’m sure Soot will be a success in the future, be it client-side, agency-side or running his own projects.

Brian AndersonBrian Anderson
Product Champion at Akkroo

I have done business with Sotiris on multiple occasions over the past several years. He is a fast thinking and constantly innovating new and unique methods for search engine optimisation. I welcome the opportunity to work with Sotiris in the future.

John WieberJohn Wieber
Internet Expert- Web Entrepreneur & Business Developer

Sotiris is a search professional with a clear remit to deliver results which he does time and time again.

David HobartDavid Hobart
Founder/CEO Purecontent Media Limited

Sotiris is one of the most likeable search guys that I’ve worked with. He was incredibly knowledgeable, always creative and totally focused on delivering results for the client. Andy StaffordAndy Stafford
Director at Nitro Digital

Sotiris is an extremely professional and competent SEO specialist. He works really hard and was great to work with at Greenlight.

Louisa PapachristouLouisa Papachristou
Founder and Director at Halo PR Limited

I worked with Sotiris when I was running one of the development teams and he was head of search. I enjoyed working with him and found him always to be very knowledgeable about growth hacking and SEO, and very willing and able to communicate this information.

Luke Wilson-Mawer
Software architect and team lead. Java/JavaScript/Big Data

Sotiris has always fascinated me with his relentless drive and passion to understand the black box that is Google (and other search providers). He has great insight and, whilst ultra-experienced, utilises a wide variety of tools to assess the veracity or otherwise of his intuitions around subtle changes in the ranking algorithms used by the search providers. He is also easy to get on with and works well with team team and individuals (technical or otherwise).

Jo MidoloJo Midolo
Head of Group IT at Gamesys