Services – Local SEO Service with Virtual Digital Assistant Optimisation

What is the purpose of our Local & VDA SEO Service?

The single biggest benefit of using this service is ongoing sales to local business for a one-off payment. i.e. an increase in your revenue, every month without ongoing monthly advertising cost. Once this is set up, you can focus on retention or repeat business, or generating perpetually reducing you your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). There are many potential points of friction or exit points along the funnel. Therefore, we will;

  1. Generate exposure by casting a well-considered digital net that takes the behaviours of the addressable opportunity in to account. This will generate the impressions or reach.
  2.  Turn Impression or Reach into clicks by crafting compelling business listing. You will stand out relative to your competition. The impressions will translate into interactions such as clicks or visits to your site, landing page, or social profile.
  3. We will also help you to set to a strong Call to Action to convert the clicks or visits leads, phone calls, contact form completions, bookings, reservation, appointments, walk-ins or whatever the desire end point may be.

How Big is the Addressable Opportunity and Where is it Biggest?

The opportunity is largest on Google the gap is closing. There are a few things you need to know about today’s modern local consumer – including those born into a world with Google:

  1. They are mobile and tech savvy – over half of Google searches occur on mobile devices.
  2. Increasing, they are interacting with devices by speaking instead of typing their search query.
  3.  “Near me” is highly influential – as people start typing, or speaking, into the Google search app, the “near me” suggestion appears, and more people than ever are tapping on it. This gives the searcher (your potential customer) highly targeted geographic search results – probably within just a mile or so from their current location.
  4. The Amazon Echo and Alexa is leading VDA with more than 60% market share.

What services and platforms will we focus on?

The objective of the local SEO Service is to reach out to and engage with an existing addressable opportunity. The mediums that we reach out through are Desktop Search, Mobile Search, and Virtual Digital Assistants or VDAs. This includes searches on Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Siri.

If your objective or goal is to be found by people looking for local businesses, then this service will serve you well. If you want something different such as brand protection, reputation management or general SEO, please see other services or request a well-considered bespoke proposal.

Who is our Local & VDA SEO Service for?

This local SEO service is designed to help local business to get more Local Trade through Local Search the increasingly popular Virtual Digital Assistants such us Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

While this service is appropriate to many businesses, most of the businesses that we have helped have been;

  • Professional Services – Accountants, Local Bookkeepers, Solicitors and Lawyers etc. Done correctly, such services benefit from the fact that Google presents a “Call” button directly in the local search results on mobile phones.
  • Medical Practitioners – Dentists, Dental Practices, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc. Usually, people not only are wanting to call to set an appointment, but they are also looking for an easy way to pull up directions to the dental practice location. So due care is places in the Google Maps element in these cases.
  • Residential Services – Local Plumbers, Electricians, Gardeners, Painters and Decorators, Removal Firms etc. Also relevant are Roofers, Carpet Cleaners, House painters, Landscapers and Window Cleaners. These call out services will often be presented with a ‘Call’ button and no map.
  • Food and Leisure – Restaurants, Pubs and Inns, Bed and Breakfast, Hotels. The local search results for restaurants and hotels will more than likely show you an image. This will be accompanied by, their star rating, the specific food category, and what time the restaurant opens or closes, and price brackets, depending on the time of day you search.
  • Pet Services – Including Vets, Grooming Services, and Trainers.
  • Estate Agents and Lettings – Although we have seen a rise in property services including Rightmove, Zoopla, easyProperty and others, people will always need Estate Agents. This remain the case whether they are looking for residential or commercial property.

What is the Process that we use for Our Local & VDA SEO service?

First, what to is not:> There is no automation involved. No blasting to directories, or any such nonsense. This is not a number game. It is not about generating 10,000 links or citations from irrelevant platforms.

The specifics details are a trade secret, however in general terms, we only do things that are efficient and effective:>. This process is entirely manual. We will ensure that your local are present, accurate, consistent, content rich and actually lead the customer to a goal. We focus quality and attention is paid to the detail.
This is same process that we used to connect with businesses that are local to us. Over the years, we have reviewed the platforms that we focus on. We have also refined the content enrichment processes and the specific details in order to make the service more and more and efficient and effective. This fluidity is essential given the rate of change in the digital world.

What optional extras can we provide?

The sky is the limit. While we will always ensure that you focus on what is effective and efficient, we do tailor all of our service for each client. The most common requests include:

  • Reviews are the lifeblood of a local business. We can help you to make sure that your customers provide these on autopilot. The specifics will depend on your business. This is subject to discussion and planning.
  • Enrich even further with up-to 20 videos and images that you provide. The more visual content that you can provide, the better.
  • In some case our clients require help with lead nurturing due to long sales cycles.
  • Referral Generation. There is even a process to help to encourage customers that I have helped to recommend me to friends.
  • Bespoke Social Media Marketing Campaigns.