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As of Today, we are officially using the Paradox™ SEO Platform to deliver great results for our SEO Clients.  This methodology allows us to deliver SEO projects of magnitude without hiccups or events and with great precision and predictability.


While the Paradox™ Platform is only available to our inhouse team, it will be available for subscription based used within months.  Pre-Register for a Beta trial here:


Unexpected consequences to SEO changes are commonly experiences for organic search markers. The Paradox™ Platform will make these a lot less common through it’s inbuilt computational modelling and learning algorithms which use scalar and transformational mathematics across 12 dimensions.


The Paradox™ Technology uses our own secret combination of Big Data gathered through 48 third party apis. This data is further supplemented by our own web crawlers. Then, this data is processed by our learning algorithms and categorised according ranking signals or Aspects into 12 Dimensions. We currently look at 248 Aspects and identify strengths and weaknesses for a given portfolio of terms. The algorithms then process the data, find the patterns and provide actionable recommendations to the user in an easy to digest and action format.


The user interface is currently being worked on and is designed for marketers and entrepreneurs. Initiates of SEO won’t be disappointed either though.


At this time, we are confident that we use the most advanced methodology in SEO – outside of the main search engine providers.


Pre-Register for a Beta trial here:

Post Author: Sotiris Spyrou

Co Founder - Director at Eigemy / Veteran SEO and Marketing Consultant.