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In short, we use vector space mathematics to help our clients to maximise their visibility in search. We call our process The Paradox™ Methodology. Within months, the Paradox Platform that we use will also be available to our clients.


Scalars and Transformations in Search


Unpredictability and unexpected consequences to interventions are common place in SEO. A common observation in the field of search engine optimisation is that a proposition despite sounding reasonable from acceptable premises, leads to an unexpected outcome.


The team at Eigemy has made a point of investigating such self-contradictory outcomes in the field of search in search of insights. In linear algebra, or Cartesian mathematics, such claims are absurd.


However, linear maths does not always apply to search. We find that SEO becomes far more predicable when addressed using more advanced forms of math such as eigenvalues and eigenvectors.


Dimensions, Aspects and Actionable Recommendations


At this time, we believe that we use the most advanced methodology in SEO. We use scalar and transformational mathematics across 12 dimensions, to look at 248 aspects and identify strengths and weaknesses across the websites that have achieved rankings for a given portfolio of terms.


Then, working with your team and within the project management framework of your choice, we help you to apply the insights through good old fashioned technical know-how and explicit actionable instructions.

Post Author: Sotiris Spyrou

Co Founder - Director at Eigemy / Veteran SEO and Marketing Consultant.