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Build it and they will come….. Maybe… Maybe not. With almost 1,000,000 Apps and counting in the Apple App Store alone, it is advisable that you plan your mobile app launch and plan the marketing of your app accordingly.


Eigemy’s Mobile Promotion Service includes


    • Planning for success – we develop a tailored strategy and plan.


    • App Visibility – we makes sure that your app’s description predisposes it to ranking in the App Store and is engaging for the user


    • PR – through our media contacts, we will PR your app


    • Google Rankings – we will ensure that your App Store URL ranks in Google.


    • Social Media – Pushing your app out to the masses


    • Make your listings stand out – We leveraging micro formatting to tweak the look and feel of your listings.


    • 30 other options that are relevant in different cases.


    • Tracking and Optimising the campaign for the duration of the campaign.


  • Reporting on the campaign in a clear and actionable format.


To get your app to the number one spot or even close for your category, you will need a plan and a multifaceted approach to app marketing and action this with precision. Or we can do this for you.


The Eigemy team have experience in driving app downloads in the most competitive sectors through such multifaceted marketing. Among other app achievements we have achieved number App Store rankings for gaming apps – the most competitive sector.


We can help you to plan and launch your APP from only £1499. Get in touch for more details!

Post Author: Sotiris Spyrou

Co Founder - Director at Eigemy / Veteran SEO and Marketing Consultant.