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Some of our larger client regularly struggle to keep up with changes in the SEO world. The constant struggle for development resource, long development lead times and limiting release cycles often leave the ambitious SEO Manager struggling to tick the right boxes in terms of onsite and architectural SEO.


The Solution


We have had fantastic success in liberating the SEO team from the necessary constraints the development cycle through an approach that we refer to as our Keyhole Strategy. Essentially, we build a site that is in keeping with the existing websites look and feel, adheres to your Brand Guidelines, necessary Compliance and Regulations and fits in with your general business needs. However, we build this using our platform, which is thoroughly considered from and SEO perspective. i.e. Our Keyhole sites are built to Rank, to gain the lion’s share of click through from the search engines results pages, and to convert efficiently for you.


With this Keyhole Strategy approach, in some case we can also consider CPA based compensation options.


As our Keyhole sites are bespoke, please contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Post Author: Sotiris Spyrou

Co Founder - Director at Eigemy / Veteran SEO and Marketing Consultant.