Branding and Reputation Management

With the growth of internet and development of many social media and communication platforms, it is critical for organisations to maintain their good reputation and strengthen the brand

Companies should realise that the revived interest in integrated communication results not only from the visible inconsistencies in the communication framework, but also from the breakneck speed at which communication takes place, and the economic value that can be created by strengthening corporate brands.


A user or a customer these days is spoilt by choices, product life cycles have reduced considerably because of the continuous innovation and imitations. But brand images do live, and a stronger and timely corporate communication is needed in order to stay ahead of the curve.


A good communication system is both Proactive and Reactive. Needless to say that each and every organisation wants to leave a positive footprint while communicating but there have been instances where the communication was not deciphered as intended and the visible gaps develop which tarnishes the brand.


With many years of experience in helping big corporate brands, we know the time sensitivities associated with communication. We at Eigemy, help corporate brands to personalise the company communication as a whole in order to create value from the company’s strategic position, corporate activities, employees’ involvement, and portfolio of products and services.


Brand are increasingly used to cast a favourable ‘Halo’ over everything the organisation does or say, and help in capitalising on its reputation. Brand creation, brand awareness and brand equity are the terms we are familiar with and completely understand the entire essence and role communication plays in defining the success and engagement rates.


Our approach to Brand and Reputation Management focusses on enhancing your brand equity by establishing the brand in user’s memory, by linking strong, favourable and unique association with your brand and by motivating stakeholders through continuous process of persuasive and engaging messaging. With our Integrated Marketing Services, we ensure that companies develop a holistic perspective which helps in leveraging synergies between different marketing and communication channels. Whether it is Social Media, TV, Radio, Search or Print media, we know how to align all these channels together in delivering favourable results


Right from Identity associated with Products/ services to Identity reflected in your marketing communications, we at Eigemy make sure each and every perspective leaves a strong, positive and easily identifiable footprint of your brand.