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While working both in house and agency side over the years, we at Eigemy have realised that how wrong SEO is perceived in many organisations. Some people think SEO is all about adding ‘Title Tags’ and some think it as a link building exercise.Well, it is not surprising how these companies fair in their SEO marketing planning as well as execution.


SEO is not only Search Engine Optimisation. Trust me it’s more than that. It is your organisation’s culture, it is your complete business process and it is that single minded approach which helps in hitting your marketing goals.



Then what does SEO actually means? For me and for us at Eigemy, SEO is Systematic Execution of Operations. The only way you can make that conventional SEO abbreviation work for you is by having a better understanding and execution of all operations in your organisation



Referring to another post on our blog, “Paradox™ SEO Methodology Explained”, we have mentioned 12 different dimensions that SEO our approach is based upon. If you map these 12 dimensions to different functions/ operations/ departments in your organisation you will be able to easily make out that SEO is dependent on optimising all these processes. It can’t be kept in vacuum. Following is a brief explanation of what are SEO’s dependencies on other operations and why it should be called, Systematic Execution of Operations



Paradox Considerations Other Departments SEOs’ should work with
Domain Considerations Legal Team, Network Operations Team
Platform & Infrastructure Considerations Technical Architects, Development Team, Infrastructure Architects
Platform & Infrastructure Considerations Technical Architects, Development Team, Infrastructure Architects
Information Architecture Considerations Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Technical Architects, Developers
Page Taxonomy Considerations Developers, UI/ UX team, Conversion Optimisation Team, Marketing Department
Performance Considerations Technical Architects, Network Operations, Developers, Design Team
Social Signal Considerations Content Writing Team, Promotions Team, Social Media Team, Branding Team, Customer Relations and Retentions Team, Marketing Team
Content Considerations Content Writing Team, Branding, Marketing, Legal
Behavioural Considerations UI/ UX, Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Analytics Team, Retention Marketing Team
Brand Considerations Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Top Managament, Legal
Multi Device Considerations UI/ UX, Technical Architects, Development Team, Infrastructure Architects, Network Operation
Local Considerations Marketing, Customer Support, Office Support



Other things that which are not a part of Paradox Methodology but is essential for SEO department to funtion efficiently are



Considerations Department SEOs work with
Budgeting Considerations Finance Team, Marketing Team, Accounts Team
Attribution Considerations Business Intelligence, Finance Team, Marketing Team
Integrated Marketing Considerations PPC, Social Media, Retention Team, Online Media, Promotions Team, Branding, Affiliates Team, Partnerships
Human Resource Considerations Human Resource Department, Recruitment Department



As you can see from the above tables, SEO is a collaborative effort, it cannot survive on its own. So for companies who want to have a successful SEO marketing channel or for SEOs who want to deliver great results/ user experience, understanding different operations as well as working with different teams is key.

Post Author: Sotiris Spyrou

Co Founder - Director at Eigemy / Veteran SEO and Marketing Consultant.