If you keep doing what you have been doing, you’ll keep getting the results they you have been getting.

We enjoy being different.  

Be-Different - Eigemy Digital ServicesBut it does not have to be that way. Don’t settle for second rate services, high retainers, 12 month binds, excuses and lacklustre results anymore! Vote with your feet.

We promise to be different in all the ways that a modern agency needs to be. Although team at Eigemy come from an eclectic range and locations, we all share several common traits. We have a passion for finding better ways to do all things digital, a strong work ethic and some remarkable ways of getting it done for you.


We enjoy helping our clients to be different.


Dare to Be DifferentFirstly Most of our team work remotely. To be clear, I’m not talking about Offshoring here! Our teams’ work rocks because the team are inspired by their environment. From Athens and Gran Canaria, to Mexico, the Philippines – and one poor fellow in Milton Keynes. Some of the team are completely nomadic – which is great for creatively as well as productively. Fortunately it is and this is is a strength, rather than a weekend. Although unique in our approach, we do use a range of tried and tested tools to maximise on productively, output and deliver those precious Wow Moments!

You have no doubt tried the norm and it may have failed to impress. Collectively our team has decades of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing, working both in-house in competitive sectors and with clients ranging from SMEs with huge ambition, to Super Brands in the Travel, Finance, Retail and gaming Sectors. This is probable why we have the confidence to be very different!


What’s on your mind?


Eigemy are good, but not psychicThe next move is your. We are good but not psychic. We are ready to help you, but the next step is yours. We have experienced and overcome many of the challenges faced by both agency side and client side marketers and business owners and as a result are confident that we can provide a valuable service that is second to none. To the bottom right of this screen is a little speech bubble with a question mark in ot. Go ahead, ask us something that will make a difference to you…