Introducing Paradox SEO

Eigemy are pleased to announce that Paradox SEO has now entered Public Beta. Please feel free to Try Paradox SEO For Free and See just how great your SEO can be..

Eigemy is an organic growth marketing consultancy with a focus on growth architecture. We help organisations to earn exposure through organic marketing.

We work with Development Teams, marketing Teams and Commercial Teams to tailor business growth solutions. We pride ourselves on excellence and bring hope to digital marketing department and deliver results for our clients.

We help our clients to build virality into their products or websites in order to increase the chances of organic growth that is driven by cost-effective and powerful word of mouth, social media and other viral mechanisms.

Then, we used Search and SEO to build on-ramps into the offering to catalyze the growth.

Everything that we do is driven by Maths.

At Eigemy Digital, we use vector space mathematics to help our elite clients to maximize their visibility across digital marketing channels including mobile, search & SEO. Our approach provides unmatched precision, predictability & huge returns. We believe in meticulous planning, transparency and accountability & fantastic results because our clients expect & deserve nothing less.

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